Radio Daze

Until recently, I was busy on the radio with the morning show at Houston's Country Legends 97.1 Monday through Friday.  I couldn't ask for a better gig.  My partner, Chuck Akers was a terrific newsman who could get even the most complex news stories across concisely with an entertaining edge.  We worked so well, together, we could almost finish each other's sentences.  And, what a great audience we had!  You couldn't find a more loyal bunch!


When Imagination Ruled....

There was a time, in the not-too-distant past, when radio was, not only, a source for music, but, a great place to go to be entertained.  Radio personalities offered a little "something extra" between the songs...something that reflected the personality of the community where they plied their craft.  It required imagination, talent, creativity, and a whole host of things that scare most of today's programmers.  Best of all, even the most outrageous of radio personalities still knew how to keep it clean...(mostly).  I'm one of the fortunate people to have enjoyed working in the radio business during that period, which, with the exception of talk radio, ended a short time ago.  Take heart.  Those days may, very well, be coming back.


Those Great People....

I can't believe the good fortune I had to be able to work with such great names in the radio business.  Wow!  Where do I start?  Howie Lund, Carl Bates, Rick Libby, Bill Bailey, Doctor Bruce Nelson, Hal McLain, Mike Cannon, Steve Lundy (Now, THERE'S a legend for you!), Mike Barajas, Joe Wade Formicola (He appeared on Chicago Hope with me!  A performance to be missed.  Come to think of it, most people did.), Paul Berlin, Rick Candea (who hired me at KILT-FM in 1983), Mac Hudson & Irv Harrigan, Robert B. McEntire, Jim Carola (anyone whose name ends in a vowel is COOL!), Leslie T. Travis (hardest working lady in radio), Josh (Rowdy Yates) Holstead, Darren Davis (PD with a cool sense of humor and a string of extremely successful stations in Chicago), and a real talent whom I consider a good friend, as well, Steve Giuttari.  I had the pleasure of working for (and with) Ed Scarbrough who, was the PD at 107-5 K-HITS in Houston, until its switch to The Eagle.  Ed has a special talent for getting the best out of his people and allowing them to enjoy the process.  Ed "gets it".  These are not only names, but, an important part of my resume.  When you work with people like these, you keep raising the bar, working harder to keep the medium fresh.  Better still, they're fun people to be around. 


Already working at it in 1967!

Just For The Fun Of It....

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