The download page

Sometimes, e-mail boxes get a little full and we can't get our MP3's to their destination without getting a notification kicking the thing back to us.  Well, our simple minds came up with a simple solution.  We'll host a "download page" where you can just click on the link and download the spot you need.  It's mutually beneficial.  You don't lose revenue, and neither do we.  Ah, American ingenuity.....don't you just love it?



Frontier Christmas

Smart Financial/KJIC
Smart Financial/KJIC - Ticketmaster


Clint Black Interview (For Country Legends 97.1-9/2016)

Ask the Lonely - Four Tops (Original Mix)

Ask the Lonely - (DG edit w/stereo conversion)


DGP Short Demo


Jonathan Luhman E-book Demo

Jonathan Luhman Imaging Demo

Naomi Judd Interview 4-10-2012

Texas Greasepaint Tour

Affordable Erosion Control

Toddco Construction