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It's said that the difference between men and boys is the size of their toys.  You get no argument from me!  My attitude is, if you can afford it, knock yourself out.  Click on the thumbnails below for the full size photo.  This is the source of the grease under my fingernails.  It's a 1954 Pontiac Star Chief Custom Catalina.  Surprisingly, there are still quite a few of these around.  It's a fun car to drive.  It's even more fun to work on!



The '54 Pontiac could be optioned out with just about anything you could want, even air-conditioning.  Pontiac was the first to offer air-conditioning the way we have it the dash.  Older units had a cumbersome system where the evaporator was stuck in the trunk with plexi-glass tubes that came up through the package shelf behind the back seat.  That system worked well, but, it was a maintenance nightmare.  Also, it was a pricey option that cost almost a third of the price of the car.  Then again, you have to crawl before you can walk.



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